The area is well served by public transport and only minutes from Sutton Parkway Railway Station. The A38(T) provides dual carriageway access to Derby, Birmingham and beyond.

Castlewood Business Park is located just a few minutes drive from the M1 (J28).

Drive Times


Location KM's Miles Drive Time
Birmingham 97.8 60.8 01hr 16min
East Midlands Airport 37.9 23.6 00hr 29min
Hull 125 77.7 01hr 22min
Leeds 93.8 58.3 01hr 02min
Leicester 65.9 41 00hr 50min
Manchester 90.4 56.2 01hr 30min
Nottingham 22.8 14.2 00hr 21min
M6 (J15) 84.4 52.5 01hr 04min
M6 (J16) 98.9 61.5 01hr 11min
M1 (J28) 5.6 3.5 00hr 8min
M1 (J24a) 31.3 19.5 00hr 19min
M1 (J32 M18) 35.4 22 00hr 21min
M1 (J19 A14) 85.2 53 00hr 51min

Rail Times

Sutton Parkway Railway Station

Location Rail Time
London St Pancras International 02hr 28min
Birmingham New Street 01hr 49min
Sheffield 01hr 24min
Manchester Piccadilly 02hr 24min
Leeds 02hr 26min
Leicester 01hr 03min
Loughborough 01hr 04min
Lincoln 01hr 34min